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Choosing A Title Company

Probably the second most important event related to the buying or selling of a home is the selection of the title company. The Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act (RESPA) directs that the borrower/buyer makes the selection based on his or her personal experience with different title companies.

Your title company will perform a title search, prepare the closing documents and act as the escrow agent. It is the quality of the work behind the scenes that sets us apart. It is paramount that the search on the property you are selling or buying is performed by a quality and experienced examiner who will take the utmost care in searching the public records on your property. An underwriting and real estate attorney should review the search and should assist with any problems or exceptions related to the closing.

The preparation of the volume of documents that you sign at the time of closing must be 100% correct. Even a slight omission or misspelling could cause problems in the future. Also, the title company is responsible for insuring good funds are received from the buyer and their lender and is responsible for disbursing those dollars to all the proper parties (payoff the seller’s mortgage, pay the property taxes up to date, etc.). Something as simple as the title company not properly recording the new mortgage or deed at the courthouse could cause serious problems if a title claim ever developed.

The whole process sounds scary and mind boggling. After all it is not something the average person does every day. Rest assured that at Allied Closing Title Services, Inc. we are dedicated to providing YOU the highest quality service that is required and demanded by you, the customer. We take the utmost care and diligence to insure your interests are covered and handled properly and promptly by our highly trained staff.
The next time you are in need of title insurance services, remember Allied Closing Title Servcies, Inc. and our commitment to excellence.